The Spirit Water Spa offers guests the opportunity to enhance the relaxation that one experiences after a soak in the warm mineral waters of the Ainsworth Hot Springs.
Sessions may be booked directly through the massage practitioner by text or phone 1-250-551-8724. The Spirit Water Spa is located on the third floor of the Resort, adjacent to the hot springs lobby. Please allow at least 1 hour notice.

One Hour Massage - $80
1/2 Hour Massage   - $40
Additional Spa Treatment with massage - Clay Detox or Mineral Mud
Face 15 minutes $20
Feet 15 minutes  $20

Detox Foot Massage - $40  Unlike a pedicure, this treatment focuses on detox and massage.The use of clay has been well known to help the body detoxify when applied to the bottoms of the feet. During this session the feet are immersed in mineral water then receive a gentle exfoliation followed by a clay application and  ankle/calf massage to increase blood flow. Once the clay has dried it is removed with a warm mineral solution and the feet receive a thorough massage.

Body Wraps
Isolated Muscle Wrap - $20 (add to either 1/2 Hr or 1 Hr massage)
Full Body Wrap - $40 (this wrap can only be added to a 1 Hr massage)

Wraps are hot/warm applications of towels steeped in combinations of wild medicinal plants harvested from the local area. The plant medicines are fast-acting and absorb into muscles and tissues to help relieve sore muscles and inflammation which can encourage your body to relax more fully during massage.

Sage Anise is a dedicated massage practitioner, certified in rebalancing massage, with five years experience as a self-employed practitioner.
Rebalancing massage offers the client a way to relax into the gradual deepening of a massage beginning with gentle joint release and smoothing of tissues surrounding muscles and leading into deep tissue massage.
Clients may choose additional spa treatments for their session when they book with Sage.