Proof of Vaccination (2 doses) & photo ID is required by all guests and patrons 12 yrs and older. pools open to public by reservation only, wed-sun, 10am-5:30pm. see "pool reservations" page (hotel guests have complimentary access). please note - resort is closed mondays & tuesdays.


The Pool and Cave open for public entry by RESERVATION ONLY, Wednesday - Sunday, 10:00am - 5:30pm. Book your spot on our "Pool Reservations" page. Registered hotel guests have complimentary access to the hot springs during their stay in the resort.

The Ainsworth Hot Springs have been healing visitors with their soothing and relaxing water for hundreds of years. Located in the heart of the Kootenay Mountain range, our hot springs consist of warm mineral waters in a natural cave and pool, providing multiple experiences to meet your family’s needs.

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The hot springs originate around the Cody Caves, above and to the east of the resort. The water flows down through fractures in the rock, increasing in temperature at a rate of 40°C per kilometre until it hits a lakeshore fault – a rock layer on a 45 ° angle. Hydraulic pressure forces the water up along the fault until it emerges at the resort.

The warm mineral water enters our system at a temperature of 47°C / 117°F before it is cooled to an average of 42°C (108°F) for the 150-foot horseshoe caves, and an average temperature of 35°C (96°F) for the main lounging pool. Tipi photos submitted by Matt Brown.

The Spirit Waters at Ainsworth Hot Springs

The Ktunaxa First Nations peoples were the first to visit the soothing, warm waters, valuing them for the restorative properties after a long day of fishing, hunting, and gathering roots and berries. Much like the modern use of spas and hot tubs, the Ainsworth Hot Springs offer warm waters that relax the muscles and often bring a sense of calm. Unlike a spa, the hot springs also contain an array of minerals, which many value for their alleged healing properties.

Did you know? Nupika wu’u means ‘Spirit Water’ in the Ktunaxa First Nations language?

Single Entry:   Contactless payment only - DEBIT or CREDIT  (no cash)

Adult - 15.00
Child (3-17) - 10.00    (under 3yrs - free)

Family (2 adults + 2 children under 18yrs) - 45.00

*Private, Family or Special Needs change/washroom

Guest storage lockers are complimentary with entry to the hot springs.  Towel rental - $5 plus $5 deposit. No suit rental. Custom eco-bags are available for sale.

Day Passes not available at this time.
REMEMBER TO KEEP HYDRATED! DRINK LOTS OF WATER! Water is sold at the entry desk. Your plastic water bottles are allowed on the pool deck.

Personal flotation devices are acceptable. Sorry, no toys.

Relaxing Mineral Water in the BC Kootenays

The water at Ainsworth Hot Springs offers a high mineral content, without the odour associated with some natural hot springs.

"The hot mineral water relaxes my whole body and eases tension in sore muscles. Soaking at Ainsworth Hot Springs Resort is an important part of taking care of myself."
– Susan Ward, RMT

The following are some of the mineral properties valued by alternative health practitioners. Are the mineral properties accurate? Visit Ainsworth Hot Springs and see for yourself!


Known as ‘the knitter’, calcium promotes healing or ‘knitting’ throughout the body. It is valued for tone, power, endurance, strength, longevity, healing wounds and regulating metabolism. Calcium raises the body’s resistance to viruses, parasites, bacteria and cancer. This mineral is necessary for a proper ph balance.


Considered to be a natural tranquilizer, magnesium aids in relaxing nerves and relieving tension. Magnesium is important in the production and transfer of energy, muscle contraction and relaxation, and nerve conduction. It keeps vertebrae in their proper position, induces sleep, purifies and purges body tissues, providing detoxifying properties.  


Sodium assists other minerals in their work. Sodium helps to keep calcium soluble, and assisting potassium in all cells, including nerve synapses to maintain membrane potentials and assist metabolic processes.


Potassium is called the ‘alkalizer’, neutralizing acid and restoring alkaline salts to the blood stream. Potassium is critical to cardiovascular and nerve function, regulating the transfer of nutrients into cells and facilitating muscle energy. This important mineral also regulates water balance, assists recuperative powers, aids rheumatic and arthritic conditions, helps ease headaches and migraines, and contributes to a sense of well-being.


This well-studied mineral is commonly used to treat alcoholism, manic depression, and other mental disorders.


A good sleep aid, silica is excellent for calming and relaxing. It is also considered to be good for freeing your mind and granting the ability to think clearly.

Our Mineral Water Content

  • Calcium Carbonate - 35.25
  • Calcium Sulphate - 68
  • Magnesium Carb - 35
  • Magnesium Sulphate - 74
  • Sodium Carbonate - 57,60             
  • Sodium Sulphate - 31
  • Sodium Chloride - 6.08
  • Potassium Chloride - 5.42
  • Lithium Chloride - 28
  • Silica - 11.70
  • Iron and Alumina - 2.44
  • *(parts per 100,000)

Ainsworth Hot Springs Facts

Water Capacity:

Pool: 27,000 gallons
Cave: 18,000 gallons
Cold plunge: 500 gallons

Flow Rate:

Pool: Changes over completely 4 times a day
Cave: Changes over completely 6 times a day

Average Temperatures:

Pool: 97° – 100 °
Cave: 104°-110°
Cold Plunge: Fed by Munn Creek, varies seasonally