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The Ktunaxa Grill offers an exceptional dining experience, conveniently located at Ainsworth Hot Springs. With its sumptuous cuisine, stunning mountain backdrop, and friendly service, this Kootenay restaurant is truly a hidden gem.

Chef Aaron Day and his team take the utmost pride in crafting mouthwatering creations for our guests and visitors. Ask us about our new Appy and Dinner specials including Bannock Bruschetta and Maple Roasted Chicken Breast!

As part of our commitment to our guests, The Ktunaxa Grill uses the freshest local ingredients with classic and innovative cooking techniques to bring you a healthy, non-gmo, hormone and antibiotic-free dining experience. Should you have an allergy to a particular ingredient, be sure to let your server know and our kitchen team will do whatever they can to accommodate you, ensuring a positive dining experience.


Due to the high volume of guests and visitors, reservations are required for Dinner



7:30am - 11:00am

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11:00am - 9:00pm